Benefit Benetint Cheek Lip Stain

Advantage Benetint Cheek Lip Stain


How do you apply Benefit’s tinted cheek and lip stain?

Typically I utilize a similar drugstore become flushed each day, however when my flatmate Kim purchased the first Benefit Cosmetics’ Cheek and Lip Stain, I concluded the time had come to stretch out a bit (read: take her cosmetics). Anything left in the basic room is a reasonable game, correct?

The advantage makes this item is unique, poppy-pink, and mango. Every one of the three hues is $30 for .4 ounces. The first Benetint shading is a pretty shade of rose that would look extraordinary on all light-to-medium skin tones, however, most likely wouldn’t appear on the brown complexion. The jug is clear so you can perceive what you’re getting yourself into before you attempt it.


The product’s website has point by point instructions for the individuals who are new to applying cheek stains. There’s an inherent brush underneath the top. You put it on a similar spot as you would powder become flushed, which means making a fish face on the off chance that you don’t have characterized cheekbones. The stain comes in fluid-structure and goes on sheer. It’s practically secure, on the grounds that I could scarcely observe a distinction all over until I had layered a few coats.

Anyone can wear a fluid cheek recolor, yet it goes on more equally in the event that you have peeled, moderately smooth skin. This item would streak on someone with dry patches. The equivalent goes for your lips. I didn’t shed them before applying the stain and you can see that it wound up somewhat inconsistent:

Benefit Benetint Lip

The full impact was as yet great. I was absolutely content with the finished look:

The Benetint rose shading itself is excellent on lips after a couple of coats. Tragically, it didn’t keep going as long as I suspected it would. Following a few hours and two suppers, the tint had totally blurred. The cheek shading was all the while going solid, however, so this item merits the cash on the off chance that you keep it in your press together and reapply it to your lips more than once for the duration of the day.

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