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Advantage Chachatint Cheek and Lip Stain

In the event that you ask me what is the one cosmetics item that I’ve been wearing consistently and strictly no matter what for as far back as eighteen months, I’d need to state it’s this Benefit Chachatint Cheek and Lip Stain! I realize I said right now Lollitint (audit) was my most loved among Benefit Cheek and Lip Stains yet well, not any longer. Chachatint has taken the main spot and truth be told, has become my most loved tint ever. I get it has something to do with the tropical atmosphere that I live in the present moment. Right now, persuade you why each cosmetics tint wearer should add Chachatint to their munitions stockpile!

Full fixings

Like all of Benefit Cheek and Lip Stains, Chachatint is bundled in a nail clean style bottle with a brush instrument joined to within the top. The jug includes a metallic coral shading to speak to the shade of the tint inside. I wish it would arrive in a straightforward container like that of the Benetint, however, as it’s difficult to see the sum left in the jug. In addition, the implementation doesn’t exactly arrive at all the route to the base (I know this since I am simply wrapping up my present jug and I need to utilize an expendable lip gleam tool to choose up the last piece). In spite of being named as “mango tint”, Chachatint doesn’t smell anything like mango. Truth be told, it doesn’t have any smell whatsoever. Furthermore, the shading to me isn’t mango shading, either, increasingly like a very splendid neon coral as found in my arm swatch beneath.Be that as it may, don’t let the alarmingly brilliant shading fool you, Chachatint is anything but difficult to apply to a characteristic completion! Because of it’s thick, smooth like surface making it such a great amount of simpler to utilize and mix than the runny Benetint. It’s about as thick as the Lollitint as I would see it.


On the cheeks, Benefit suggests applying three little strokes over the apples of your cheeks and mix away. As far as I can tell, notwithstanding, I feel that I have superior control on the off chance that I spot the brush on the rear of my hand and, at that point get the shading and mix with my fingertips. The item dries quickly, and furthermore recolors quick! You must have the option to mix it out immediately or else it could leave streaks or look smeared. Fingertips are my mixing technique for a decision yet manufactured pair fiber brushes, (for example, MAC 159) function admirably, as well.

It leaves such a ravishing peachy orange flush on my cheeks. I love it to such an extent! It surely heats up my appearance making it seem as though I’ve quite recently gone through hours in the warm sun. It deals with exposed/saturated skin just as under and over the establishment. You can likewise blend it in with an illuminator, for example, High Beam to include a little gleam. The best part is it remains dynamic until you evacuate it; no blurring or smirching in any event, when I perspire or get down-poured on. What’s more, you’ll need an oil-based remover to totally break down it.


It recolors similarly as solid on the lips! Be that as it may, the shading pulls somewhat darker on my lips since my regular lip shading is very pigmented. The red base shows up pleasantly, as well. The application isn’t exactly smooth and easy like when it’s applied on the cheeks. I find that it can recolor unevenly if over-applied or on the off chance that you don’t mix rapidly enough however at any rate it doesn’t appear to subside into lip lines. It can likewise feel a piece drying so I generally put a slender layer of lip demulcent underneath (lip medicine, smudge the abundance oil, at that point apply the tint). The matte completion is pleasant yet I lean toward including only a trace of tinted lip emollient (I suggest the Chachabalm) over it to “seal” the completed look. It feels totally weightless and can withstand suppers and a lot of water. You can utilize it as a base to amp up your preferred lip shading, as well.

The pigmentation is buildable however typically 1-2 layers are more than adequate for me. My recommendation is to let the primary layer totally dry before adding further layers to forestall a streaky completion. It layers well with Benetint and Posietint, as well, in the event that you wish to blend and match.

Wearing Benefit Chachatint Cheek and Lip Stain

I’ve just bought my subsequent jug and since I’ve been utilizing it routinely I can reveal to you that one jug keeps going me about 18 months. That is really noteworthy incentive for cash. My proposal is to do whatever it takes not to apply it legitimately on both the skin and lips for cleanliness reasons.

Advantage items can be hits and miss however for Chachatint, I strongly prescribe it particularly in the event that you love tropical/coral shades. It’s anything but difficult to utilize and it livens up your appearance instantly. Completely an unquestionable requirement have for the coming summer months!

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