Have you attempted these lipstick surfaces yet?

We’re all mindful of lipsticks being a basic piece of our cosmetics to such an extent that even while doing a no cosmetics look, we use day nudes. What’s more, regardless of what number of lipsticks we possess, we generally need more!

Other than having a shade for each state of mind and event, lipsticks are likewise accessible in an assortment of surfaces that intrigue us. There’s a whole other world to them than just mattes and shines look down to find out about them all!

Matte completion

Because of Kylie Jenner, matte lipsticks have increased massive ubiquity in the course of recent years. Everybody cherishes an announcement making matte mope that can be worn for an easygoing, ordinary look and furthermore a night glitz look. Matte lipsticks make an incredible alternative for workwear too, particularly nudes, tans, and naked pinks.

Inside mattes, there are fluid lipsticks that dry out after application. In spite of the fact that we love their surface, there’s sure add up to prepare that you have to do before applying to stay away from over-wrinkling or drying.

Rich matte lipsticks loan a matte surface yet aren’t as drying as fluid lipsticks. These are ideal for individuals whose lips will in general dry out rapidly. We love the Lakmé Absolute Luxe Matte Lip Color With Argan Oil Range that supports your lips while keeping them hydrated.

Glossy silk or sheer completion lipsticks

This lipstick surface is viewed as one of the most widely recognized surfaces. They offer a refreshing kind of completion that need not be amazingly pigmented. Utilize these to add a trace of shading to your lips–practically like a tinted medicine!

PS: These require customary touch-ups as they can’t wait for extended periods of time.


This surface accompanies a gleaming shade and has a crème finish that coasts on effectively onto your lip. It causes your lips to seem more full, plumper and is an extraordinary decision to wear for a night glitz look. The in addition to is that it won’t make your lips wrinkle! Attempt the Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Lip Shimmer that conveys a shimmery, intelligent completion on your lips.


On the off chance that you imagined that high-sparkle reflexive lips were just a thing of the ’90s and 2000s… you’re off-base. Reflexive surfaces have consistently been a favored alternative for ladies (particularly with slender lips) who wish to make their lips look stout and enormous. These are exceptionally intelligent and are accessible in clear, naked and pink shades to top your standard lipstick. They’re likewise accessible in different hues that can either be worn all things considered or over some other lipstick.

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