How to Make Any Lipstick Matte Matte Lipstick Tricks

What do you do if you already have an arsenal of satin-finish lipsticks, but want to wear the matte lipstick trend? I’m going to show you 5 beauty hacks to mattify any lipstick. The best part about learning how to make any lipstick matte? You get a ton more looks out of the lipsticks you owned before. It’s like doubling your lipstick drawer!

Another season is about to end, and a new one will start before we know, but the matte lipstick trend is clearly not budging. It’s no surprise, since a matte finish makes almost any color, no matter how dark, bright, or out of the ordinary, just a little bit more sophisticated.

That’s not to say that there isn’t still room for a glossy lip here and there. A glossy nude lip can be playful, while a shiny red is extra celebratory. However, the matte lipstick is king right now, and we have to respect that.

My personal favorite hack to turn any lipstick matte is number 4; the awesome technique I learned from celebrity makeup artist Dino Dilio. However, I think all the other techniques are also winners, in their own way, so be sure to give you all of them a try!

It doesn’t matter which mattifying technique you try, you want to first start with flawlessly applied lipstick. Make sure your lips are exfoliated and moisturized, and then draw their outline with a lip pencil. Finish off with an opaque, but not overly thick, the layer of lipstick. Clean up any messy edges with a Q-tip covered in concealer, and once everything is perfect you’re ready to experiment.

==>1 Lipstick Transformer

You can turn any lipstick matte super quick with a dedicated lipstick-mattifying product. Smashbox is one of the few companies to make an innovative product like this, called Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer, and their creation gets excellent reviews! No surprise, considering they created it for their pro makeup artists first, before releasing it to the public.

All you have to do is finish off your lipstick application with a tap-tap-tap of mattifying gel, and your look will be immediately transformed.

Only drawback? You can’t use it with glosses and balms, and some reviewers complain that it doesn’t do good things to their lipstick’s wear-time.

==>2 Using a Mattifying Primer

Discovering this lipstick mattifying hack was a surprise! Turns out that a mattifying face primer can also work over lipstick. You just want to be sure that the mattifying primer you choose is lip safe, and that its main ingredient is dimethicone, a silicone, which is capable of providing a “lens blur’ mattifying effect.

Before you try this, double-check that your lipstick is applied lightly, or the two products may mix together and cause pilling. My favorite primer for this lipstick mattifying hack.

==>3 Making Your Lipstick Matte With Blotting Papers

This one is probably the easiest out of all the lipstick mattifying techniques! Instead of blotting your lipstick with a piece of tissue like you normally would, reach for your blotting papers instead!

Blotting sheets are made to absorb any excess oil and shine, and it really doesn’t matter where that shine comes from. This means that when it comes to your lipstick, the blotting sheets will absorb all the excess oil that makes your lipstick glossy, and instead give you a semi-matte finish.

Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers do a fantastic job of taking away that sheen, but the real reason why I love them is the gorgeous packaging and the fact that they are biodegradable!

Unlike some of these other lipstick mattifying hacks, this one won’t turn your lipstick into a Kylie Lip Kit dupe, but it’s much quicker and involves less mess than anything else on this list, so I still feel like it’s well worth the mention.

==>4 Tissue and Translucent Powder

I learned this technique 5 years ago, in Dino Dilio’s makeup class, and I still use it to this day! You can make your lipstick so perfectly matte, with just a piece of tissue and some translucent powder.

Simply take a piece of tissue, and separate the plies. Gently smooth one ply over your mouth. Dip a small brush (I use a blending brush, although an eyeshadow brush could also do the trick) into a translucent powder, and gently tap it over your mouth, through the tissue.

The tissue acts as a filter, making sure that the powder sticks to the lipstick and takes away the shine evenly. It also protects you from over-applying translucent powder, which may end up lightening the color of your lipstick.

In a pinch, you could dip your finger into the translucent powder container, and dab the powder on without using a brush. I would rather avoid that, though ” fingers in makeup containers just strikes me as unsanitary.

In addition to mattifying, a great translucent powder will also set your lipstick, much in the same way as with foundation, making it much more long-lasting. My favorite translucent powder, both for turning shiny lipsticks matte as well as for setting face makeup, is Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Setting Powder.

FYI, you can actually benefit from this technique even if you don’t want the matte finish. Simply apply one more coat of lipstick after removing the tissue, and you can keep the gloss in addition to dramatically lengthening the life of your lipstick application.

==>5 Turning Your Lipstick Matte with Eyeshadow

If you’re using a really dark lipstick, you might find that even with the tissue, the translucent powder hack still lightens your lipstick too much. In this circumstance, instead of using translucent powder, simply choose a matte eyeshadow with a color similar to that of your lipstick!

Since over-application is less of a concern here, using a single ply of tissue as the filter is not mandatory. You could just apply the eyeshadow directly on top of the lipstick, using a small, flat brush. Personally, I would still go with the tissue because I find it makes the application much more elegant, and it also protects you from errant bits of eyeshadow fallout falling on your chin.

So there you have it! Number 4 is my favorite lipstick mattifying hack for lighter shades, while number 5 is my go-to for vampy tones. It’s also fun to get creative ” sometimes after I finish, I’ll apply a touch of shimmery champagne or gold eyeshadow to the center of the lip to create a 3D effect.

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