You may have seen lip tints making the rounds, in Korean beauty care products as well as in brands everywhere throughout the world. Be that as it may, what precisely would they say they are and, all the more critically, would it be a good idea for you to get one?

What is a lip tint?

Lip tints are extremely popular in Korea and somewhere else in the beautifying agent’s world. These are stains that can be contained in a wide range of fixings and can be matte or shiny. But the primary partition from a lip tint and state, a great lipstick, is that lip tints will, in general, be unmistakably progressively unobtrusive (read: regular looking) and furthermore give you the choice of simple inclinations or layering. Personally, I additionally like lip tints since they are anything but difficult to apply and smear, making them genuinely sympathetic for simple or messy execution.

Lip tints can be applied in a few ways. For an angle application, apply the lip tint in the focal point of the lips and mix it outwards. For a darker or more brilliant look, apply a few layers. For the matte renditions, apply lip lotion heretofore.

The contrast between a lip recolor and a lip tint

Lip stains literally recolor the lips, with the shading seeping into your tissue. Those suckers remain on quite a while, so ensure it’s privilege before you go out! As I sadly learned one day trip, there will be no smearing and fixing later in the vehicle.

A portion of the Korean brands lasts an entire day or more, particularly ones marked as lip ‘tattoos’. Lip stains are likewise substantially more pigmented and more splendid than tints. This makes them harder to take off- – both a gift and revile, contingent upon your use.

Lip tints by differentiating are sheer and effectively smear over the lips. They fall off effectively and are considerably more characteristic looking.

​Both lip tints and lip stains work differently than lipsticks: they absorb into the skin more so than lipstick, which shapes a layer over your lips, now and again bringing about that split look.

Lip tint types

Lip tints arrive in an assortment of formats: water, gel, cream, and oil. Water lip tints are the most widely recognized and furthermore the most unobtrusive. They will, in general, be well, watery, and exceptionally insignificant or normal-looking, giving a simple fly of light shading. Notwithstanding the surface, they are quite drying on lips so you will need to apply some lip emollient in advance.

Be careful, however—their fortitude is genuinely negligible so this is one you have to haul around with you. Others that go with a more “recolor” surface can be somewhat untidy or drippy however ingest rapidly into the lip. Ensure you test these out at the store first to see, as I’ve had the gauntlet of water versus dry tints.

As far as fixings, I’ve seen numerous lip tints will, in general, have increasingly organic or regular fixings, which can be a major in addition to plenty of shoppers (and with a reward of having a decent unobtrusive aroma).

Upsides and downsides of lip tints

To outline, in case you’re thinking about difficult a lip tint, here are the points of interest and hindrances. (It would be ideal if you note, these are tips for a normal lip tint, however, all lip tints fluctuate dependent on fixings.)


regular looking
adaptable as you can layer for a somewhat more splendid look
light inclination on the lips and regularly fragrant
most are moderate
by and large simple application
numerous tones accessible


many wills, in general, are short-enduring
the shading can be VERY unpretentious – conceivably unreasonably unobtrusive for certain buyers
the application can be drippy or wet now and again (yet assimilates rapidly)

Lip tint proposals

Peruse on for a portion of the Korean lip tints I’ve attempted and delighted in!

Tony Moly’s Get It Tint is extremely to a greater degree a stain, however, it gives a pleasant, not very brilliant lip shading that keeps going quite a while. It’s accessible in an assortment of hues that you can arrange on the web, including All Night Red, Red Chili, Coral Pink Ming, Play Orange, and Peach Punch.


Rating Score Sheet:

​1/3: I wish I could return to the past and recover my cash.
2/3: sufficiently decent to purchase once more, particularly if it’s at a bargain.
3/3: Shut up and take my cash!

Skinfood’s Tomato Cool Jelly Tint (read a full audit here) is a gel-based tint however I didn’t see a lot of distinction than a water tint. The application was somewhat watery and inconspicuous, yet made a decent characteristic shading. Negligible fortitude.


Rating Score Sheet:

​1/3: I wish I could return to the past and recover my cash.
2/3: sufficiently decent to purchase once more, particularly if it’s at a bargain.
3/3: Shut up and take my cash!

Nature Republic’s Botanical Magical Lip Tint is additionally extraordinarily inconspicuous however I like the common increasing of shading it gives. Additionally negligible fortitude yet it’s marker-like application makes it simple to apply in a hurry.

​RATING: 1/3

Rating Score Sheet:

​1/3: I wish I could return to some time in the past and recover my cash.
2/3: sufficiently decent to purchase once more, particularly if it’s discounted.
3/3: Shut up and take my cash!

Have you gone over any stunning lip tints? Don’t hesitate to share!

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