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What is The Difference Between Lip Tint And Lipstick?

Lipsticks and lip tints; what’s the difference

Both lipstick and lip tints are restorative items intended to color the lips. Be that as it may, the two kinds are planned distinctively as lipstick is normally a wax-based item, while lip tint is water or gel-based. Right now, the contrast between the two sorts of lip items will be talked about to assist you with finding your optimal item utilizing BOM and AUSRA items as models.


Lipstick is regularly increasingly mainstream in the West. There are such huge numbers of kinds of lipsticks that can be defined. For instance, they can be matte, silk, lustrous, shimmery, fluid, gently pigmented, vigorously pigmented, and substantially more. Most lipsticks have to saturate properties and are effortlessly applied to the lips. Of late in 2018, the pattern is matte and fluid lipsticks.

Basic Ingredients

Lipsticks are normally shaped with at least one of the accompanying:


Normally beeswax or candelilla wax. Wax gives dampness, insurance for shading colors, and structure the pastel state of the lipstick.


Oils help give dampness and surface with the goal that the item can be applied easily to the lips. Typically sweet almond oil, hemp seed oil, coconut oil, or olive oil is utilized.


Portions of Margarine could possibly be remembered for lipsticks. They help give shape to the colored pencil of the lipstick and go about as gainful fixings as they help in mending and dampness. A few models incorporate shea margarine, vegetable spread, or coconut margarine. Spreads, for example, shea margarine have nutrients, for example, nutrient An, E, F, and K, all of which help saturate and mend dry or dried-out skin. In the event that your lipstick doesn’t contain solid spreads, you can apply lip emollient before applying lipstick.

Types of Lipstick

Customary Lipsticks

Customary lipsticks are that of the colored pencil shape type, while fluid ordinarily arrives in a cylinder with a brush utensil. They are made up for the most part of wax, oils, colors, and once in awhile aroma. The wax and oils help shape the lipstick, give some dampness, and give smooth application. This sort is regularly matched with lip liners (or lip pencils) to make the shading last more, help finish with a strong clean edge to the lips, make an ‘angle’ look, and keep shading from smirching over the lip line.

BOM’s interpretation of the utilization of a lip pencil and lipstick with the 7 Days Lip Pencil and My Lipstick together to make the ‘slope’ lip.

Liquid Lipsticks

Nowadays fluid lipsticks are the famous decision as they are normally more pigmented, striking, and there is more control in the application as they are applied with a brush. Commonly it is a smooth gel or water-based recipe with next to zero wax or oils. Fluid lipstick will, in general, last longer than conventional lipsticks as a portion of the water or gel dissipates after application with the goal that the color sticks to the lips. In this way, they are less clingy however additionally drying so it is prescribed to apply a slim layer of lip ointment before applying.


Lipsticks come in a wide range of completions however they are generally matte, glossy silk, or shine.


Mattes are more pigmented, will in general last more, however, are all the more drying because of the absence of oils and more wax. On the off chance that the lipstick dries out the lips to an extreme, splits may shape and accentuate dry skin. To maintain a strategic distance from this, apply a slight layer of lip ointment previously.


Silk lipsticks are neither excessively clingy or too drying and complete like a rich semi-matte. Silk lipsticks give a semi-wet and new feel contrasted with totally matte lipsticks.


Lipsticks that are shiny are commonly the most clingy and overwhelming inclination at the same time, are the most hydrating out of the three. The completion gives a solid wet-look and the exciting feel is incredible for night outs.

Lip Tints

Lip tints are figured with a gel or water base which dissipates so the shades retain and “tint” or “stain” the lips. The fundamental motivation behind lip tints is to accomplish a delicate common completion or an angle look. The completion is generally silk or matte, however, a lip shine can be applied on top to accomplish the reflexive look. Lip tints are progressively mainstream in the East in view of its common completion, and light-weight surface.


Lip tints are water-based and contain shade. Ordinarily, they are without wax or oils so the item can vanish and recolor the lips. As some have no saturating fixings in a lip tint, it is ideal to apply lip salve previously. Air’s and BOM’s lip tints are gel-like so they offer hydration, not at all like other lip tints.

Types of Lip Tint

Customary Lip Tints

Customary lip tints dissipate to leave a stain on the lips. Some lip tints today are planned in a more gel-like consistency to give hydration. This sort is multi-utilitarian as it can likewise be utilized as a cheek tint.

Pros: Long enduring, common, non-clingy, shade can be balanced.

Cons: Some are drying, commonly doesn’t give ‘plumping’ impacts, might be hard to address after it has recolored.

BOM’s Matte Holic Lip Tint is figured with rosehip oil, apricot seed, avocado oil, macadamia oil, nutrient E, and pearl to give dampness and wellbeing to the lips.

Strip Lip Tints

At the point when applied to the lips, the recipe dries after a specific measure of time and leaves a veil-like layer on the lips. This layer can be stripped off and what is left is a brilliant tint that is recolored on the applied regions.

Pros: Long enduring, non-clingy.

Cons: Difficult to the slope, hard to alter color or address.

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