What is the weirdest lipstick shade you own

How do you know what lip color is right for you?

What is the weirdest lipstick shade you own?

I was simply experiencing my immaculate lipstick reserve and I discovered the shade “London Fog” from Gerard Cosmetics and I can’t make sense of why I would have needed to possess this shade..? I would one say one wasn’t to try and wear wild lipstick hues, so what the hell made me need to purchase this lipstick shading that made me really take after a screwing carcass? 2019 was a wild time for cosmetics. Holler to my companions for urging me to buy it

I did really wear it once, and just once. I recollect in light of the fact that I was hella salty about my companions persuading me to drive them to the sea shore the day after I got a tattoo (Tattooer said to not swim for at any rate seven days). Thus, I did what any emotional young person would do, and I wore this screwing lipstick, a sensational smokey-eye, and a LONG SLEEVED dark dress to the sea shore, in July and read sundown while my companions made some great memories in the water.

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